College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

The following are credits that do not count toward an OLS degree:

  • Preparatory classes (MA 109, MA 111, MA 113, ENG W130,) (The following prerequisite courses require a grade of C in order to move to the next course level: MA 109, MA 111, and MA 113)
  • All DGTS credits (from IU’s Division of General and Technical Studies)
  • Courses with overlapping/similar content (refer to the IPFW Bulletin, Arts and Science section, subsection: Overlapping Content)
  • OLS courses over 10 years old unless the student passes a more recent, advanced OLS course that updates the information (subject to review by the OLS curriculum committee)
  • Courses from other universities with a grade lower than a C- (except some General Education courses taken at Purdue campuses)
  • Any OLS course with less than a C grade (regardless of where that class is placed on the OLS program ‘bingo’ sheet)
  • English courses with less than a C grade (includes: ENG P131, ENG W131, ENG W135, ENG W232, ENG W233, or ENG W234)
  • Credit is not given for life experiences or for non-credit courses completed in industry; however, students may apply for limited supervisory work experience credit (contact the OLS advisor)