College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Program entrance requirements include a bachelor's degree with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, proficiency in a high-level computer language equivalent to a two-semester university course, a course in data structures, a course in statistics or probability based on two semesters of calculus, and a course in finite or discrete mathematics.
As an example, the following IPFW courses, with their prerequisite knowledge, satisfy the admissions requirements for the Applied Computer Science program:

  • CS 26000 Data Structures
  • MA 17500 Discrete Mathematics
  • STAT 51100 Statistical Methods

(These requirements are in addition to the standard admission requirements of the Graduate School of Purdue University.)

Infrequently, a student may be accepted into the program on a conditional basis, and be required to take additional undergraduate courses in order to provide a solid foundation for graduate work. In addition, students must meet the prerequisite requirements of each specific graduate course in which they enroll

Instructions for Applying to the Applied Computer Science Program

The IPFW Office of Graduate Studies deadlines to receive graduate program applications for Fall or Spring admission are:

  • Fall admission: April 1 (for international students); June 30 (for U.S. students)
  • Spring admission: September 15 (for international students); November 15 (for U.S. students)