College of Visual and Performing Arts

Music's Mission, Vision and Values

The IPFW Department of Music prepares students for careers as professional musicians and serves the university, the Greater Fort Wayne area, and the communities of northeastern Indiana as a musical center and cultural resource.

The IPFW Department of Music will be recognized nationally for the outstanding quality and value of its undergraduate programs in music. Housed in an exceptional facility for music study and performance and supported by a network of significant community partnerships, the department will be noted for its position as the major musical resource for northeastern Indiana. Faculty in the Department of Music will be known for the excellence of their performance and scholarship as well as their contributions to the culture of the university and their professions. Graduates will be respected for their comprehensive preparation to be scholars, performers, and practitioners in their chosen careers.

The IPFW Department of Music values:

  • A vibrant academic environment that respects creativity, intellectual inquiry, and scholarly collaboration
  • A culture of excellence that upholds the highest academic, artistic, and ethical standards
  • Intentional development of each student’s potential through interaction with engaged artist teachers and scholars
  • Musical enterprises that encourage discovery and appreciation of a diversity of musical styles, genres, traditions, and points of view
  • The merit, integrity, and significance of the Indiana University degrees it awards