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Faculty Awards & Past Recipients

Recipients of the:

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    Bruening Academic Advising Award

    2014 Ann Livschiz, HIST
    2013 Julie Feightner, BIOL
    2012 No nominations
    2011 No nominations
    2010 Michael Bendele, PSY
    2010 Lesa Vartanian, PSY
    2006 Barbara Jane Ehle, CASA
    2005 Lenore DeFonso, PSY
    2004 Irwin Mallin, COM
    2003 Elliott Blumenthal, BIOL

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    Downs-Hollander Service Award

    2016 Jeannie DiClementi, PSY
    2015 Christine Erickson, HIST
    2014 Lesa Vartanian, PSY
    2013 Ann Livschiz, HIST
    2012 Chad Thompson, ENG
    2011 Elaine Blakemore, PSY
    2010 No nominations
    2009 Andy Downs, POLS

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    Enhancement of Learning Award

    2015 Sue Mau, MATH
    2014 Stephen Buttes, ILCS
    2013 Damian Fleming, ENG
    2012 Joyce Lazier, PHIL
    2011 Debrah Huffman, ENG
    2010 No nominations
    2009 No nominations
    2008 No nominations
    2007 Michael Columbia, CHM
    2006 No nominations
    2005 No nominations
    2004 Margaret Kimble, CHM
    2003 Brenda Lundy, PSY
    2002 No nominations
    2001 Peter Hamburger, MATH
    2000 Carl Drummond, GEOS
    1999 Kathy Trier, SOC
    1998 Stephen Harroff, ILCS
    1997 Debra Hall, John LaMaster, Marilyn Reba, Joyce Vetter, Dianna Zook, MATH
    1996 Michael O’Hear, Ed Moritz, ENG

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    Multidisciplinary Faculty Scholars Award

    2015-2016 No nominations
    2014-2015 No nominations
    2013-2014 No nominations
    2012-2013 Jens Clegg, ILCS; Harold Odden, ANTH; Chad Thompson, ENG
    2011-2012 Rick Weiner, HIST; Lee Roberts, ILCS; James Toole, POLS
    2010-2011 No nominations
    2009-2010 Talia Bugel, ILCS; Andrew Downs, POLS; Michelle Drouin, PSY; Ann Livschiz, HIST
    2008-2009 No nominations
    2007-2008 Bernd Buldt, PHIL; Winfried Peters, BIOL; Suin Roberts, ILCS
    2006-2007 No nominations
    2005-2006 Larry Kuznar, ANTH; William Frederick, MATH; Michael Wolf, POLS

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    Pippert Science Research Scholar Award

    2016 Jeff Anderson, MATH
    2016 Punya Nachappa, BIOL
    2015 Yuan Zhang, MATH
    2015 Arancha Pinan-Llamas, GEOS
    2014 Adam Coffman, MATH
    2014 Steven Stevenson, CHEM
    2013 George Mourad, BIOL; Ahmed Mustafa, BIOL
    2012 Peter Dragnev, MATH; Winfried Peters, BIOL
    2011 Ben Dattilo, GEOS
    2011 Yihao Deng, MATH
    2010 Yifei Pan, MATH
    2010 Robert Visalli, BIOL
    2009 William Frederick, MATH
    2009 Bruce Kingsbury, BIOL
    2008 Matthew Walsh, MATH
    2007 Frank Paladino, BIOL
    2006 James Farlow, GEOS
    2005 Adam Coffman, MATH
    2004 William E. Cooper, BIOL
    2003 Peter D. Dragnev, MATH
    2002 W. Douglas Weakley, MATH
    2001 Yifei Pan, MATH
    2000 Peter Hamburger, MATH

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    Regional Engagement Award

    2016 Suzanne Rumsey, ENGL
    2015 No nominations
    2014 Robert Gillespie, BIO
    2013 L. Michael Spath, PHIL
    2012 Chad Thompson, ENGL
    2011 Andrew Downs, POLS

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    To see descriptions of all the awards, visit the COAS Forms & Documents page.

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