College of Arts and Sciences

Master List Culture Course

Courses Meeting the Western Tradition Requirement


CLAS C205  Classical Mythology

CLAS C405  Comparative Mythology

COM 31200  Rhetoric in the Western World

ENG L101    Western World Masterpieces I – GE B6

ENG L102    Western World Masterpieces II – GE B6


FINA H111   Ancient to Medieval Art – GE B6

FINA H112   Renaissance Through Modern Art – GE B6

HIST H113   Western Civilization to 1500 – GE B6

HIST H114   Western Civilization since 1500 – GE B6

HIST H225    Intro to Political Theory

PHIL 11000  Introduction to Philosophy – GE B6

PHIL 24000   Social and Political Philosophy

PHIL 30100  History of Ancient Philosophy – GE B6

PHIL 33100   Religions of the West

POLS Y105   Introduction to Political Theory

POLS Y381   Classical Political Thought

POLS Y382   Modern Political Thought

POLS Y389    The State and The Citizen

REL 11200    Religion and Culture – GE B7

REL 23100    Religions of the West – GE B6

SOC S348      Introduction to Sociological Theory

SOC S440      History of Social Thought





ANTH E310   Intro to Cultures of Africa

ANTH E320   Indians of North America

ANTH E321   Peoples of Mexico

ANTH E330   Indians of South America

ANTH E335   Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica

ANTH E340   Indians of Mexico and Central America

ANTH E341   Cultures of China

ANTH E345   Ethnography and Ethnology of Southeast Asia

ANTH E356   Cultures of the Pacific

ANTH E375   Cultural Psychiatry

ANTH E398   Peoples and Cultures of Central Asia

ANTH E401   Ecology and Culture

ANTH E402   Gender in Cross Cultured Perspectives

ANTH E405   Principles of Social Organization

ANTH E420   Economic Anthropology

ANTH E445   Medical Anthropology

ANTH E455   Anthropology of Religion

ANTH E457   Ethnic Identity

ANTH E462   Anthropological Folklore

ANTH E470   Psychological Anthropology

ANTH E479   Indian Cultures of Peru

ANTH P360   Archaeology of North America

ANTH P370   Ancient Cultures of South America

CMLT C461   Contemporary Problems in African Literature

EALC E232   China:  The Enduring Heritage

  ENG L107     Masterpieces of Asia

  ENG L113     Introduction to African Literature

  ENG L364     Native American Literature 

  ENG L387     Russian Literature in Translation

 FINA H415   Art of Pre-Columbian America

FOLK F305   Asian Folklore/Folklife/Folk Music

FOLK F352   Native American Folklore

HIST A310    Survey of American Indians I

HIST A311    Survey of American Indians II

HIST C393    Ottoman History

HIST D310    Russian Revolutions and the Soviet Regime

HIST D402    Byzantine History & Civilization II

HIST D410    Russian Revolutions and the Soviet Regime

HIST E100    Issues in African History

HIST E331    African History:  Ancient Times to Empires and City States

HIST E332   African History:  Colonial Rule to Independence

HIST E336   History of East Africa

HIST E431   History of Africa I

HIST F341   Latin America:  Conquest and Empire

HIST F342   Latin America:  Evolution and Revolution

HIST F346   Modern Mexico

HIST F432  20th-Century Latin American Revolutions

HIST G451  The Far East I

HIST G452  The Far East II

HIST H201  Russian Civilization I

HIST H202  Russian Civilization II

HIST H203  Islamic Civilization to 1300

HIST H204  Islamic Civilization since 1300

HIST H232  World in the Twentieth Century–GE B6

HIST T335   Topics in Non-Western History

POLS Y332   Soviet Politics

POLS Y334   Japanese Politics

POLS Y336   Southeast Asian Political Systems

POLS Y337   Latin American Politics

POLS Y338    African Politics

POLS Y339  Middle Eastern Politics – GE C8

POLS Y340   East European Politics

POLS Y343    Development Problems in the World

REL 23000    Religions of the East – GE B6

REL 30100    Islam – GE B6

REL 30700    Buddhism

REL 31100    African Traditional Philosophy and Religion

SPAN S246   Women in Hispanic Literature

SPAN S412   Spanish America:  The Cultural Context

SPAN S471   Spanish American Literature I

SPAN S472   Spanish American Literature II

SPAN S477   20th Century Spanish-American Prose Fiction

SPAN S479   Mexican Literature

SPAN S480   Argentine Literature

WOST W301 International Perspectives on Women–GE C8

 *The courses in italics are not currently being offered.  They may have been offered at some point in the past, or they may be offered in the future.

*Courses in bold overlap with IPFW General Education Areas and can double count in both areas.  Courses in bold satisfy all learning outcome in each general education category.

A1 – Written Communication
A2 – Speaking and Listening
A3 – Quantitative Reasoning
B4 – Scientific Ways of Knowing
B5 – Social and Behavioral Ways of Knowing
B6 – Humanistic and Artistic Ways of Knowing
B7 – Interdisciplinary or Creative Ways of Knowing
C8 – General Education Capstone