College of Arts and Sciences

You may earn a minor in philosophy by completing the following credits with a grade of C or better in each course and earning at least 9 credits as resident credit at IPFW.  Substitutions for these courses may be made with the approval of the program director.

Core Courses:  9 credits
To achieve a philosophy minor, students must take the following core classes. One introductory philosophy course:

        PHIL 11000:  Introduction to Philosophy OR
        PHIL 11009:  Introduction to Philosophical Topics

And one introductory ethics course:

        PHIL 11100: Ethics OR
        PHIL 11101:  Contemporary Moral Problems

And one of the following courses:

        PHIL 12000:  Critical Thinking OR
        PHIL 15000:  Principles of Logic

* Note:  If both introductory philosophy (PHIL 11000 or 11009) or ethics (PHIL 11100 or 11101) classes are taken, one will count as an elective.

Additional Courses: 6 credits

To achieve a philosophy minor, students must take any two additional 3-credit courses, at least one of which must be at the 300-level or higher. Below is a list of courses that have recently been offered in philosophy.

History Courses

PHIL 30100:  History of Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 30200:  History of Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 30300:  History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL 30400:  History of 19th Century Philosophy
PHIL 41200:  Topics in Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 42200:  Topics in Continental Philosophy

Topics Courses

PHIL 27500:  Philosophy of Art
PHIL 30500:  Philosophy of Feminism
PHIL 31200:  Medical Ethics
PHIL 32600:  Business Ethics
PHIL 32700:  Environmental Ethics
PHIL 32800:  Ethics & Animals
PHIL 32900:  Foundations of Professional Ethics
PHIL 35100:  Philosophy of Science
PHIL 35200:  Topics in the History & Philosophy of Science
PHIL 42500:  Metaphysics
PHIL 43200:  Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 43500:  Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 45100:  Gödel Theorems
PHIL 46500:  Philosophy of Language
PHIL 47100:  Topics in Aesthetics & the Philosophy of Art


For more information, please contact:

Charlene Elsby, program director
Phone:  260-481-0509