College of Arts and Sciences

If you are pursuing a major other than philosophy, you may earn a minor in philosophy by completing the following credits with a grade of C or better in each course and earning at least 9 credits as resident credit at IPFW.  Substitutions for these courses may be made with the approval of the department chair.

Core Courses:  9 credits
Both of the following:

PHIL 11000/11009:  * Introduction to Philosophy/Introduction to Philosophical Topics
PHIL 11100/11101:  * Ethics/Contemporary Moral Problems

* Note:  Either one of the two Introductory classes, and either one of the two Ethics classes listed.  If both Introductory classes or both Ethics classes are taken, one will count as an elective.               

One of the following:

PHIL 12000:  Critical Thinking
PHIL 15000:  Principles of Logic

History Courses:  6 credits
Two of the following:

PHIL 30100:  History of Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 30200:  History of Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 30300:  History of Modern Philosophy
PHIL 30400:  History of 19th Century Philosophy
PHIL 41200:  Topics in Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 42200:  Topics in Continental Philosophy

Topics Courses:  3 credits
One of the following:

PHIL 27500:  Philosophy of Art
PHIL 30500:  Philosophy of Feminism
PHIL 31200:  Medical Ethics
PHIL 32600:  Business Ethics
PHIL 32700:  Environmental Ethics
PHIL 32800:  Ethics & Animals
PHIL 32900:  Foundations of Professional Ethics
PHIL 35100:  Philosophy of Science
PHIL 35200:  Topics in the History & Philosophy of Science
PHIL 42500:  Metaphysics
PHIL 43200:  Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 43500:  Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 45100:  Gödel Theorems
PHIL 46500:  Philosophy of Language
PHIL 47100:  Topics in Aesthetics & the Philosophy of Art

400 Level Requirement:
One of the required courses must be taken at the 400 level or higher


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Bernd Buldt
Phone:  260-481-6091