College of Arts and Sciences

Peace and Conflict Studies - Social and Behavioral Science Courses

Social and Behavioral Science Courses

BIOL-34900: Environmental Science

COM-30300: Intercultural Communication

COM-37500: Conflict and Negotiation


  • Popular Culture
  • Communicating Peace

HON-H201: Nonviolent Action

IDIS-G103: Conflict Resolution

POLS-S211: Introduction to Law-Honors

POLS-Y109: International Relations


  • Communism in Eastern Europe as Portrayed in Films
  • Family Law
  • Introduction to Conflict Resolution
  • Survey of the Culture of African-Americans
  • Holocaust as Portrayed in Films
  • Women and the Law
  • 20th Century Revolutions as Portrayed in Films
  • War/Conflict in Film

POLS-Y304: Judicial Process/American Constitutional Law I

POLS-Y305: American Constitutional Law II

POLS-Y324: Women and Politics

POLS-Y328: Women and the Law

POLS-Y341: Authoritarian Regimes

POLS-Y360: United States Foreign Policy


  • Comparative Law
  • Civil Liberties
  • Civil Liberties & Civil Rights
  • Family Law
  • Issues in American Law
  • Southeast Asia Politics & Government
  • Racism
  • Black Women in America
  • Yugoslavia: State Formation & Disintegration
  • Politics in the Soviet Union’s Successor States


  • The Holocaust
  • India and South Asia
  • The First Amendment


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Democracy & Environment

PPOL-H416: Environment Health Policy

PPOL-H455: Social Epidemics

PPOL-V450: Constructive Conflict Management

PPOL-V512: Public Policy Process

SOC-S295/S560: Conflict Resolution/Mediation

SOC-S298: Women and Work

SOC-S300: Race/Ethnic Relations

SOC-S309: The Community

SOC-S313: Religion and Society

SOC-S315/S560: Work and Occupations

SOC-S318: Social Change

SOC-S360: The War on Drugs


  • War, Peace, and American Society
  • The Nuclear Age

SOC-S419: Revolutions and Social Movements

SOC-S420: Sociology of Drugs

WOST-W240 Topics in Feminism

WOST-W301 International Perspectives on Women