College of Arts and Sciences

Research Certificate in Mathematics

You may earn a research certificate in mathematics by completing the following 18-19 credits with a grade of C or better in each course.

Course Number Course Title Credits

Research Writing

ENG W233 Intermediate Expository Writing 3

History, Philosophy, or Theory of the Discipline

MA 305 Foundations of Higher Mathematics 3

Cognate Research Tools

One of the following: 3–4
CS 160 Introduction to Computer Science I
MA 175 Introductory Discrete Mathematics
STAT 511 Statistical Methods

Research Methods and Supervised Individual Research

MA 351 Elementary Linear Algebra 3
MA 490 Topics in Mathematics for Undergraduates 3
One upper-level undergraduate or dual-level course in mathematics or statistics appropriate to the area of research (e.g., MA 453, MA 441, MA 575, STAT 517) 3
Total 18–19