College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Teaching Assistants

The following list gives contact information for graduate teaching assistants or research assistants for the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  The mailboxes for GTAs are in Kettler 200.  

Spring 2017

Vreneli Brenneman
Office: KT293
Phone: 260-481-6102 
E-mail: BrenVR01 (at)

Charles Burd
Office: KT257
Phone: 260-481-0181 
E-mail: BurdCR01 (at)

Jonathan Foreman
Office: KT297
Phone: 260-481-5721
E-mail: ForeJ01 (at)

Ningle Lei
Office: KT297
Phone: 260-481-5721
E-mail: LeiN01 (at)

Guchen Liu
Office: KT281
Phone: 260-481-0181
E-mail: LiuG01 (at)

Joshua Lizardi
Office: KT281
Phone: 260-481-0181 
E-mail: LizaJR01 (at)