College of Arts and Sciences

Copying, Printing, and Scanning Policies

In order to conserve resources, the department asks instructors to post the syllabus, readings, assignments, and other course materials online using the Blackboard Course Management System or the Library online reserves system (REX). Students may then print out the materials as needed in the university’s computer labs, or from their home systems.

Many instructors feel the need to provide students with hard copies of the syllabus and major assignment sheets.  These instructors should fill out a print request in the office at least one week before the materials are needed.

Other materials for the classroom may be printed using the departmental laser printers. Please limit your use of the printers to no more than 15 copies per print job.

The departmental copy card is for emergency use only. In no case should it be used for large (>15 copies) print runs of assignments, readings, or other course materials.

If you have any questions about these policies, contact the office staff or the Director of Writing.

If you have materials that need to be scanned into an electronic file format, put in a scanning request to the office staff. The office staff will not scan directly from books.

Do I need to give copies of my syllabus and assignments to the English office?

The English office needs a copy of your syllabus (or a link to your URL if the syllabus is online). This information should be submitted to Shanté Howard. The office does not need copies of your assignments. In addition to submitting your syllabus, be sure to turn in the schedule and office hours sheet you receive at the beginning of each semester.

Textbook Selection and Orders

Instructors who teach ENG-W129 and ENG-W131 must use the textbooks adopted by the composition committee. Occasionally the Director of Writing will approve the use of another textbook in certain sections of a course for the purposes of gathering information for future textbook adoption decisions. Instructors who teach ENG-W129 and ENG-W131 do not have to submit textbook selection requests.

Instructors who teach ENG-W233 must choose one of the textbooks listed on the current ENG-W233 fact sheet (these choices are also listed in the course description for ENG-W233 on page 10 of this handbook.)

Instructors who teach honors sections of writing courses, ESL sections, or courses in business and technical writing must choose their own textbooks.

Because of legal requirements to list textbooks on the online student registration system, instructors must make their textbook decisions within one week of being assigned to teach a section. Textbook selections should be made using the forms and procedures specified by the departmental office staff.

Requests for desk copies must also be made using the forms and procedures specified by the departmental office staff.

How do I order books for the semester?

Shanté Howard handles the ordering of text books. She prefers you use the book order forms you receive via email. If you do not have the form, contact Shanté at 481-6753.

Office Hours, Email, and Phone Policies

One of the secrets to succeeding as an instructor is to maintain open lines of communication with your students, the Director of Writing, your course coordinator, and the office staff.

Once you have signed your contract to teach at IPFW, you are assigned a shared office space, a university voice mail box and network/e-mail account. You should activate these accounts before you start teaching a class. Students need to be able to communicate with you face-to-face, by e-mail, and through voice mail. The department and the Director of Writing usually will use e-mail to contact you.

All instructors must be available at least three hours per week for office hours, to allow students to meet with you individually to discuss class assignments, grades, and other questions and concerns they might have. It is suggested that at least one of these hours be a regularly scheduled time you are available in your office, and the remaining time you may be available on a “by appointment” basis.

You must check your e-mail account on a regular basis, at least two to three times a week. The Director of Writing and the office staff rely on e-mail to keep you informed.

Where is my mailbox? How do I get my office key?

Full-time writing faculty and graduate aides have mailboxes located in LA 145. Limited term lecturers have mailboxes located in LA 143. The office staff asks that you check your mailboxes regularly.

If you need a key to access your office, or if you need a key because you classroom is usually locked, the office staff will assist you by ordering any keys you need. You will need to personally pick up and sign for keys. Keys may be picked up at Campus Safety located in Walb Union, room 127.  Please allow 24-48 hours after the key request has been sent to pick up your keys. Individuals leaving the university, or transferring to another department, must return their keys. For updated or more detailed information on key policies, go to the Campus Safety Key site.

What if my student comes to pick up material from my mailbox and LA 143 is locked?

Students may ask in LA 145 to be let into LA 143 to pick up material.

Can I leave materials for absent students in LA 145?

Students may pick up materials from your mailbox—if it is located in LA 145. However, you should not leave stacks of handouts, portfolios, or other matter in LA 145 to be picked up.

University and Departmental Requirements

What is a teaching portfolio?

Each year, the Composition Committee asks that graduate aides and limited term lecturers submit a teaching portfolio. For more information on the teaching portfolio, contact Steve Amidon, Director of Writing. Be sure to collect your teaching portfolio from LA 145 before the end of spring semester.

What is Title IV and what am I supposed to do with that roster?

Title IV rosters come out early in the semester. They are used to ensure financial aid recipients are attending the classes for which they've received monies. Please be sure to complete and return your Title IV roster when you receive it.