College of Arts and Sciences

Writing Program Course Information

ENG W129 Principles of Composition

Faculty Point of Contact: Sara Webb-Sunderhaus

This course is designed for first year students who may be uncomfortable with writing and unfamiliar with writing for an academic audience. These students need two semesters to complete the course outcomes described below, culminating in W131. The course is built around a common theme related to a common set of course readings which students will engage with through their formal papers. A typical trajectory for the course moves students from a memoir-like narrative related to the course theme, to a textual analysis of part of the common reading, to a self-designed, non-academic research project related to the course theme. The course typically concludes with a reflective essay where the students describe how far they have progressed towards meeting the outcomes of the two-semester course sequence (W129 & W131). 

The materials below are specifically geared toward the W129 classroom. Each link will open a Word document.