College of Arts and Sciences

To better serve our student population, we strive:

  • To schedule coursework so that full-time students can complete the degree within two academic years.
  • To serve multiple populations, including
    • Career-oriented students seeking employment or advancement within a job
    • Students interested in entering a doctoral program
    • Part-time students
    • Full-time students
    • Working professionals.

The learning goals for the Professional Communication Master's Program strive:

  • To offer a balanced approach between Communication theory and Communication practice.
  • To integrate various approaches to the study of Communication, including rhetorical, theoretical, and critical analysis.
  • To offer three different kinds of courses: A research methods course, courses from a Communication theory core, and courses in an area of specialization.
  • To prepare students accordingly in one of the following broadly defined areas:
    • rhetoric
    • media studies
    • interpersonal and organizational communication.