College of Arts and Sciences

All scholarships and awards recipients will be invited to the Arts and Sciences Honors Banquet.

Arthur W. Friedel Scholarship

  • Awarded to Chemistry majors based on academic achievement and scholarship application
  • Funding provided by Dr. Art Friedel, Chemistry faculty member from 1967-2007 and recipient of the 1988 Friends of the University Teaching Award
  • Chosen by the Chemistry Scholarship Committee

Leepoxy Scholarship

  • Awarded to Chemistry majors
  • Based on outstanding academic achievement and scholarship application
  • Provided by Larry Lee of Leepoxy Corporation
  • Selected by the Chemistry Scholarship Committee

Faculty/Alumni Scholarships

  • Based on academic achievement, student activities, and the essay submitted with the scholarship application
  • Funding provided by faculty and alumni

The Ken Stevenson Outstanding Chemistry Major Award

  • Awarded to Chemistry majors with academic achievement
  • Dedicated in fond memory of Dr. Ken Stevenson, professor of chemistry at IPFW from 1968 to 2004
  • Chosen by the Chemistry Scholarship Committee

David P. Onwood Scholarship

  • Awarded to a junior or senior chemistry major specializing in physical chemistry research or with special achievement in physical chemistry
  • Endowed scholarship provided by friends and family of the late professor of chemistry from 1966-1990

CRC Freshman Chemistry Award

  • The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is given to a freshman chemistry student based on academic achievement
  • Houghton Mifflin/ICUC First-Year Chemistry Award
  • Sponsored by the International Center for Undergraduate Chemistry (ICUC) and Houghton Mifflin Company
  • Annual award for excellence in first-year undergraduate chemistry
  • Based on academic performance in chemistry, understanding and awareness of chemistry as a scientific discipline, understanding and awareness of the role of chemistry in our world
  • Winner will receive a certificate and choice among selection of Houghton Mifflin trade books

William F. Erbelding Award in Analytical Chemistry

  • Outstanding performance by a student in an Analytical Chemistry course
  • Awarded by the American Chemical Society
  • 8-month subscription to the Analytical Chemistry journal
  • Presented in memory of the late Dr. Erbelding, professor of Chemistry 1968-1983

Outstanding Student Affiliate Award

  • Given to the student whose activity and efforts on behalf of the Student Affiliates have made the organization exceptionally effective for the academic year
  • Name engraved on plaque

Outstanding Chemistry Major

  • Recognizes leadership, ability, character, and scholastic achievement
  • Presented to top graduating senior
  • Selected by faculty vote

Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student Award

  • Undergraduate award for achievement in organic chemistry
  • Sponsored by the American Chemical Society and Joint Polymer Education Committee
  • Faculty scholarship accompanies award

Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

  • Sponsored by the American Chemical Society's Division of Organic Cehmistry
  • A letter of recognition and award certificate is given to a graduating major
  • Displays a significant aptitude for organic chemistry
  • Selected by the Chemistry faculty

Robert E. Wise Arts & Sciences Scholarship

  • Shared among 8 departments on a rotating basis.
  • Scholarship awarded, typically once every four years to a chemistry major, at the junior or senior level and based on academic achievement.
  • Endowed by the late professor emeritus of physics (1948-1982)

Chemistry Scholarship Award Winners