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  • B.S.: Rochester Institute of Technology, 1981
  • Ph.D.: Ohio State University, 1987

Course Materials

  • CHM 254
  • CHM 255
  • CHM 256
  • CHM 258

Research Interests

Spectroscopy and Kinetics of Reactive Intermediates

  • Nitrenes, carbenes, silylenes, and germylenes
  • Our efforts have focused on the spectroscopy and reactivity of phosphoryl- and sulfonylnitrenes. Phosphorylnitrenes differ in their behavior from sulfonylnitrenes in that they are resistant to the photo-Curtius rearrangement. This simplifies the task of determining the reactivity of the triplet nitrene through laser flash photolysis.
  • Depending on the substituent, the photochemistry of the nitrene precursor sulfonyl azide is wavelength dependent. At short wavelengths, irradiation of 4-acetylbenzenesulfonyl azide yields products attributable to photo-Curtius rearrangement and the singlet and triplet nitrenes. At longer wavelengths, the rearrangement is suppressed, and only the sulfonamide arising from the triplet nitrene or triplet excited state azide are observed.
  • Applications of acyl nitrenes to nanotechnology

Zeolite Catalysis

  • Effect of activation conditions on zeolite catalysis of the Diels-Alder reaction.

Spectroscopy of Zeolite Encapsulated Organic Molecules

  • Pyrylium and triphenylmethane dyes and their corresponding charge transfer complexes within zeolites and their potential use for gas sensors.