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Dr. Lawrence A. Kuznar, Professor of Anthropology

Photo of Larry KuznzrDr. Kuznar specializes in the ecological and economic features of traditional pastoral societies. He has done extensive research among Aymara herders in southern Peru, and is currently working with Navajo sheepherders and cattle ranchers. He has published articles in anthropological journals such as American Anthropologist, Current Anthropology, Human Ecology, Journal of Quantitative Anthropology, Nomadic Peoples, Mountain Research and Development, Chungara, Dialogo Andino, Journal of World Systems Research, and Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences. In addition to his ethnographic research, Dr. Kuznar has conducted ethnoarchaeological studies among pastoralists and published a book on his research entitled Awatimarka: The Ethnoarchaeology of an Andean Community (Harcourt Brace, 1995). He also has addressed the epistemological basis for anthropological research in a book entitled Reclaiming a Scientific Anthropology Altamira Press, 1996). A complete version of Dr. Kuznar's CV can be obtained by clicking here.

 Dr. Kuznar's teaching includes introductory Biological Anthropology, South American Indians, Economic Anthropology, Ecology and Culture, Andean Peoples, Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective.

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