College of Education and Public Policy

Standard 4

Standard 4. The unit designs, implements, and evaluates curriculum and provides experiences for candidates to acquire and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions necessary to help all students learn. Assessments indicate that candidates can demonstrate and apply proficiencies related to diversity. Experiences provided for candidates include working with diverse populations, including higher education and P–12 school faculty, candidates, and students in P–12 schools.

List of Exhibits

    4.1 Proficiencies related to diversity that candidates are expected to develop

a. Conceptual Framework

    4.2 Curriculum components that address diversity proficiencies

a. Curriculum Diversity Table
b. Teaching English as a New Language

    4.3 Assessment instruments, scoring guides, and data related to diversity 

a. Program Review Documents: Initial Programs
b. Program Review Documents: Advanced Program
c. (New) Service Learning for Diversity Field Experience Assignments:
             Graduate Elementary and Secondary / Educational Leadership
d. (New) Recent Service Learning for Diversity Field Sites by Program

    4.4 Data table on faculty demographics

a. Professional Education Faculty Demographics

    4.5 Policies and practices for recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty 


a. Equal Opportunity Employment and Affirmative Action 
b. Goals of the Recruitment and Selection Process


c. Office of Academic Affairs Memorandum 05-1 - Faculty/Librarian Recruitment Checklist
d. Applicant Self-Identification Form
e. School of Education 2009 Annual Report (p. 12 & 25-26)

    4.6 Data table on student demographics

a. Undergraduate Demographics - Education Degrees
b. Undergraduate Demographics - Non-Education Degrees
c. Graduate Demographics - Education Degrees
d. Graduate Demographics - Non-Education Degrees

    4.7 Policies and practices for recruiting and retaining diverse candidates


a. Student Affairs Mission Statement and Strategic Priorities: Six Degrees of Connection
b. IPFW Strategic Plan 2008-2014


c. Academic Student Achievement Program
d. Summer Bridge
e. Multicultural Events at IPFW

    4.8 Data table on demographics of P-12 students in schools used for clinical practice

a. Clinical & Field Experiences School Corporation List
b. Clinical & Field Experiences Individual School List
c. New Immigrant Literacy Program

d. (New) Field Experience Evaluation Form

    4.9 Policies, practices, and/or procedures that facilitate candidate experiences with students from diverse groups 

a. Undergraduate Student Handbook
b. Graduate Student Handbook

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