College of Education and Public Policy

Public Management Major

The Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs degree program begins with a core of courses in public affairs and general education. Introductory courses in the four instructional areas of criminal justice, the environment, health services, and public affairs are included, as well as classes in public sector management, finance, and budgeting. You then choose a major from the following: criminal justice, environmental policy, health services administration, legal studies and public management. For more information, check out our public management brochure.

Minor in Public Affairs

This minor offers you the opportunity to become more knowledgeable in the field of public administration and the policy implications of the public sector. It is available to students who are enrolled in baccalaureate programs and can enhance career opportunities for liberal arts and other majors.

Please contact Leslie Clark or Tammy Davich in Neff 260 for the appropriate degree requirements.

Public Management tentative course schedule

Public Affairs Minor courses and requirements

Student Testimonial

As a public management student at IPFW I have experienced many different things that have helped me better understand my major and will help me to be successful after I graduate. I have always enjoyed the professors in our public policy department. The professors and the department itself have always been very helpful in trying to do what is best for their students and help us gain knowledge through experiences and opportunities.

Greg Degitz, Class of 2013