College of Education and Public Policy

Associate Professor Jospeter Mbuba

Jospeter M. Mbuba, Ph.D.Photo of Jospeter Mbuba, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


  • Louisiana State University Ph.D., 2004, Sociology/Criminology  (Dissertation)
  • University of Nairobi M.A., 1997, Sociology   (Thesis)
  • Egerton University B.A., 1992, Sociology & Economics

Research Interest

Prof. Mbuba’s research includes policing and law enforcement and their various approaches to crime prevention. He is a two-time recipient of the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship for curriculum development and other educational projects at African universities. 

Selected Publications

Mbuba, J. M. (2017). Policing in Eastern Africa: A Focus on the National Police Service in Kenya. Nairobi: Law Africa Publishers.

Mbuba, J. M. 2017. “Police Ethics”. In Robertiello, Gina (Ed.). The Use and Abuse of Police Power in America. ABC-CLIO, pp. 314-319.

Mbuba, J. M. 2016. “Utilizing Service Learning to Confront Crime Victimization among Refugees, Immigrants, and Other Non-English Speaking Populations. In M. Gail Hickey (Ed.). Reflecting on Service-Learning in Higher Education: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield).

Mbuba, J.M. and Mugambi, F. 2015. “Understanding Students’ Instructional Delivery Preferences and Other Classroom Logistics”. In Keengwe, J., et al. (editors),  Promoting Global Literacy Skills through Technology-Infused Teaching and Learning. IGI Global. Hershey, PA. pp 118-134.

Mbuba, J. M. 2012. "Lethal Rejection: Recounting Offenders’ Experience in Prison and Societal Reaction Post Release." The Prison Journal, 92(2) 231-252.

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Recent Presentations

What if the Black Officer Was Female? Race and Gender Characteristics in Arrest Practices. Annual Conference of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Denver, CO. (2016).

Higher Education Instruction Today: The Hidden Rules of Teaching Millennial Students”. Invited presentation delivered to the faculty of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, Canada.

Examining the Structure of Centralized Policing: The Kenyan National Police Service. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Orlando, FL. (2015).

"Culture and Race in Crime and Law Enforcement”. Facilitator, City of Fort Wayne Mayor’s Roundtable on Public Safety. (February 2015).

An Imagery Presentation of the Kenyan Law Enforcement Process: Police Training, Crime Control, and Remand Cells. Midwestern Criminal Justice Association, Chicago, IL. (2014).

Understanding the Role of Contributory Behavior of Victims in Their Own Victimization. African Faculty and Staff Forum, IPFW (2014).

Examining student preferences for instructional delivery methods, instructor-student interaction logistics, and testing and assessment modalities. eLearning Innovations Conference and Expo, Nairobi, Kenya. (2013).

An Empirical View of the Effect of Incarcerating Mothers with Their Children: The Kenyan Experience. African Faculty and Staff Forum, IPFW (2013).

Diversity Matters that Impact Law Enforcement. Indiana State Police Department’s Cultural Competency training. Indianapolis, IN (2013).

Gun Violence, Gun Control, & Mental Illness: Implications on Criminal Justice”. College of Education and Public Policy Colloquium on School Safety, IPFW (2013).

Understanding Crime and Crime Control Strategies. Symposium for the Criminal Justice students at Chuka University, Kenya (2013).

Service Learning in Northeastern Indiana: Spanish, Criminal Justice, Health, and Education. 13th annual National Outreach Scholarship Conference in Tuscaloosa, AL (2012).

Inter-Campus Faculty Partnerships to Develop Interactive Online Training Modules for Service Learning Students. Indiana Campus Compact Service Engagement Summit, Indianapolis, IN (2012).

Shouldn’t Society Forgive and Forget My Crime After I Complete My Prison Term? Recounting Societal Treatment of Offenders Post Release, Southern Criminal Justice Association, Nashville, TN (2011).

Crime and Disorder Control in Transitional Societies: The Role of Village Headmen and Administration Police in Rural Kenya, Southern Criminal Justice Association, Tampa, FL (2010).

Examining the Impact of Higher Education on Conventional Predictors of Public Attitude Towards the Police, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, San Diego, CA (2010).

Understanding the Rise of Violent and Non-violent Crime in Kenyan Urban Neighborhoods, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, San Diego, CA (2010).

Attitude Towards The Police: The Significance of Race and Other Factors among Higher Educational Achievers, Midwestern Criminal Justice Association, Chicago, IL (2009).

Highlights of Community Service

Prof. Mbuba is a two-time recipient (2015 and 2017) of the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship, a scholar program for educational projects at African higher education institutions, which enabled him to participate in curriculum development at two Kenyan universities - Embu and Chuka, respectively. He is a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Midwestern Criminal Justice Association, the African Criminology and Justice Association, Minority and Women Section of the ACJS, and a 2014 alumnus of the FBI Citizen’s Academy, Indianapolis Division. He has served as panel chair at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association annual conferences. He chairs the Department of Public Policy Academic Assessment Committee and serves in many other university assignments.