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Photo of Kerrie Fineran, Ph.D.Dr. Kerrie Fineran
Assistant Professor / School Counseling Coordinator / Program Director



Student TestimonialPhoto of Julie Miller

If it was not for the phenomenal training that I have experienced over the past three years through IPFW, I cannot imagine trying to take on the huge responsibility that is required as a practicing school counselor. The counseling education program has taught me to be a team player, active listener, and empathetic counselor. I have learned microskills and counseling theories to provide me with a backbone for practicing true mental health therapy. In addition to learning these vital components, this program goes one step further and supervises each budding counselor practicing skills for a full year before releasing them into an internship setting. I have been diligently encouraged and supervised practicing counseling skills to the point that I now can understand and describe my personal style of counseling.

Julia Miller

Beginning Fall of 2018, applications to this program will need to be submitted via the Purdue Application Portal. For admission prior to Fall 2018, refer to the application instructions on the website.