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Nodir Adilov Space Trash

Adilov PhotoProfessor Nodir Adilov, as reported in the "Washington Post", along with other economist Peter J. Alexander and Brendan M. Cunningham, propose a vibrate solution: "Countries should impose a fee of tax on orbital launches.  The fee would be set high enough that companies and nations don't over-populate space with objects.  This, they say, would be preferable to the current system of ad hoc rules and regulations.  That said, a user fee would create its own set of headaches.  How does the tax get divided up?  Most of the debris currently in space, after all, was put there by the United States and Russia, with China a close in third.  (In 2007, China blew up one of its own satellites to show off its weapons capabilities, creating an additional 3,000 bits of debris.)  Should those three countries shoulder most of the burden:"... read more by visiting the