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Students on Ethics

Professor Chris Cosans taught BUS W204: Social, Legal and Ethical Implications of Business Decisions in the Spring and Fall 2007. He asked his class to explore the ethical relationship between business and society. The assignement was to draw a political cartoon that illustrates the issues in one critical sentenance from the reading of various articles on business ethics. The articles were "Liberty" by John Stuart Mills, and "Contributions of Critique of Political Economy" by Karl Marx. The smaller version of the cartoons appear below and you may click on the cartoon for a larger version, which will open up in a new window.


Cartoon by Alex Corbin

by: Alex Corbin

Cartoon by Patrick Kelley

by: Patrick Kelley

Cartoon by Jessica Neff

by: Jessica Neff

Cartoon by Kori Scheerer

by: Kori Scheerer



by: Crystal Martinez


by: Peter Dragnev


by: Dan Briney