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Q. Is the program completely online?  
A. Yes. The only exception is a 3 day session that students attend during their first year of classes when they take NUR 50300, Advanced Health Assessment.

Q. Where do our graduates get hired after graduation?  
A. The vast majority of our students practice all over Northeast Indiana.

Q. Where do students practice?
A. Mainly students practice in primary care settings.

Q. What is the difference between the Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Program (AGNP) and the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Program?   
A. FNPs are the providers of care for families and persons of all ages; however the specialized care of adults and elders is the exclusive domain of AGNPs. AGNPs care for populations aged 13-elderly, whereas FNPs care for infants through elderly.

Q. Would there be an advisor to guide me in choosing courses during the program?
A. Yes. Our experienced academic advisor and faculty members are available to you and are 100% committed to your success in the program.

Q. Where will I complete my clinical hours?
A. For more information about clinical hours, see the IPFW Graduate NP Practicum Guidelines.

Q. What is the cost for this program?
A. Refer to our tuition and fees for cost information.

Q. Can I enroll in the AGNP or FNP program program if I already have an MSN?
A. No, because you cannot earn two MSNs; however, if you already have an MSN, you may attend a nursing program that has a post-master's AGNP or FNP option.