Research and Creativity

Recent Publications

"High Power Nonlinear Measurements: Calibration Issues, Real Time Loadpull, and Other RF Data," Claude Setzer, Wireless Technology Center, IPFW. (IEEE)  80th ARFTG Symposium, San Diego, Nov. 2012

 "Ensuring Accuracy of Nonlinear Models for High Power Amplifier Design," Claude Setzer, Wireless technolgy Center, IPFW,  IEEE Power Amplifier Symposium, San Diego, CA September 2012

"The VITA 49 Analog RF-Digital Interface," Todor Cooklev, Wireless Technolgy Center, IPFW. IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, Fourth Quarter, 2012.

Ongoing Research

"Nonlinear Models for High Power Microwave Devices and Amplifier Design,"  Claude Setzer, Wireless Technology Center

“Interference Detection and Mitigation in IEEE 802.15.4 Networks”, Chao Chen, Dept. of Engineering, IPFW

The objective of this research project is to detect and mitigate interference in IEEE 802.15.4 networks from nearby wireless networks, especially from IEEE 802.11 WLANs. This research will focus on three aspects:

  • Evaluating the impact of interference on the performance of 802.15.4 networks.
  • Designing efficient schemes to detect interference from nearby wireless networks.
  • Investigating interference mitigation protocols to allow 802.15.4 devices (also called ZigBee devices) to adaptively change operating channels over time.

“Real-Time Wireless Smart Camera Networks”, Dr. Yanfei Liu, Dept. of Engineering, IPFW

This is a hardware/software test-bed to investigate the capabilities and limitations of wireless networks of embedded on-chip cameras under real-time constraints. The outcomes of this project will make important contributions to the understanding of the performance of current state-of-the-art smart cameras and wireless network technology in the field of real-time visual tracking.

“Presenting Web documents on mobile devices through visual abstractions”, B. J. Kim, Dept. Computer Science, IPFW

The main goal of this research is the development of a system that will present visual abstractions of Web documents on a mobile device. The developed system will transform a Web document into a thumbnail view which is then transmitted to the mobile device as a preview.

Unlike the other research projects using image-based thumbnails, we will implement a method that will visually abstract Web pages using vector graphics. After reviewing the preview of the Web page the user will request a portion of the Web content with a simple action on the thumbnail. The server will then transmit only the requested portion of information in detail to the mobile device.

The proposed approach will decrease the network traffic among communication devices by eliminating unnecessary data transmission while simultaneously increasing the screen utilization on small display device by presenting only requested information; these improvements should increase the effectiveness of users’ activities on mobile devices.

“New digital signal processing techniques in multi-carrier modulation,” T. Cooklev

The digital signal processing algorithms that we plan on investigating are in the area of multicarrier modulation. Recently multicarrier transceivers based on the vector transform was proposed for single-antenna systems. We are extending this research in several directions.

One direction is a scalable approach to multicarrier modulation. We also investigate ways to reduce the peak-to-average-power ratio in MIMO systems.