Beginning Freshmen

Start your college journey.

Students who have no previous college experience are considered beginning freshmen. This includes both students who recently graduated from high school and adult learners who are entering higher education for the first time.

Read through the following information to find out how the Office of Admissions will determine your eligibility for admission to IPFW.


Your admission will be based on the following criteria:

  • High school GPA
  • Successful completion of a Core 40 Diploma (for Indiana residents) or a strong college prep curriculum
  • SAT or ACT exam scores
  • Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores, if applicable*
  • Official college transcript for dual credit courses, if applicable**

*Check the Advanced Placement (AP) page for more information about earning IPFW credit from AP exams

**Transcripts from IPFW or any other Indiana University or Purdue University campus can be unofficial

For Home-schooled Students

Applicants who are home-schooled are measured based on the same criteria used for students who attend public or private schools. Click here for additional information about developing a home-school transcript.

2014 Freshman Snapshot

Our incoming freshman class for the fall 2014 semester earned:

  • An average SAT composite score of 1473
  • An average ACT composite score of 22
  • An average high school GPA of 3.2
  • 49 percent received an Academic Honors Diploma
  • 75 percent were ranked in the top half of their class

For Adult Learners

Applicants who have been out of high school for more than two years are considered adult learners. These individuals are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores as part of their application.

Adult learners who possess a GED are welcome to apply. GED scores will be assessed in place of high school transcripts.

For Students with International Records

Applicants who are permanent residents of the United States and have completed high school coursework outside of the United States must submit academic records that have been evaluated by an accredited international evaluation agency. Click here for more information about the credential evaluation process.


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