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What is the realignment?

The realignment of the Fort Wayne campus came as a result of the Legislative Services Agency (LSA) study recommendations released in January 2016 regarding the overall role and governance of IPFW by Purdue and IU. Neither IU nor Purdue initiated this or any of the previous studies of IPFW over the past five years. The realignment agreement, based on the recommendations of the state-mandated LSA study, required approval from trustees of both Indiana University and Purdue University. Both boards of trustees approved the agreement during their board meetings in December 2016.  

Why is the realignment happening?

In January 2016, the LSA released a report recommending a change in role and governance of IPFW. The report recommended that Purdue and IU continue their presence in Fort Wayne by replacing the current model with a clear designation that Purdue be the governing entity of the Fort Wayne campus, that each university focus on its respective academic mission areas with IU focusing solely on health sciences, and that all efforts be made toward improvement of teaching, research and engagement in northeast Indiana.

What will change with the realignment?

The academic mission areas of IPFW will be realigned under a revised governance structure, effective July 1, 2018. Consistent with the LSA recommendations, Purdue will continue to have authority and responsibility for managing and operating the Fort Wayne campus and will offer all academic, research and public service mission areas and degrees currently offered on campus, except for those designated as IU academic missions. Those missions will revolve around an IU-operated and managed health sciences initiative and will include nursing, dental education, medical imaging, the Doctor of Medicine degree and the social work program.  

In order to provide a seamless experience for students, Purdue and IU will continue to exercise close collaboration and cooperation in the delivery of programs, as students desiring to pursue degrees in the IU health sciences programs will receive core curriculum courses and services offered by Purdue on campus. These services, as well as the space occupied by the IU programs on campus, are covered by a set of ancillary agreements between the parent institutions. 


How were the realignment decisions made?

The agreement and plan for realignment was developed following several studies of campus governance over the years, culminating with the most recent LSA study released in January 2016. After careful review and consideration of the recommendations, as well as months of collaborative discussions between their administrations, the Boards of Trustees of both IU and Purdue believe the proposal for realignment now reflected in the agreement and plan is in the best interest of both universities.

Did IPFW have a voice in this?

Yes, IPFW was represented by then-Chancellor Vicky Carwein, Dr. Andrew Downs and the President of IPSGA on the LSA study committee. Before, during and after the study concluded, several members of the IPFW administration worked in good faith with our parent institutions to provide data and information as the trustees developed the new agreement.

Can the decision be changed?

No. The decision has been deemed by a full contingent of stakeholders as the best outcome for the future success of the Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana community.


When will the changes take place?

The agreement and plan of realignment became effective immediately upon approval of the respective Boards of Trustees and contemplated a number of steps to be taken over the following 18 months to ensure that all necessary elements for a successful transition were addressed to the satisfaction of the respective Boards of Trustees. These included ensuring that sufficient funding was made available from the legislature and reaching concurrence on the terms of the ancillary agreements between IU and Purdue, which addressed such items as general education courses offered to the IU health sciences students on campus, the provision of student services, and the management and operation of facilities. The ancillary agreements were approved during the summer of 2017, and will be followed by a transition period of one year. The realignment effective date is July 1, 2018. 

What happens next?

All efforts have had, at their core, how best to provide for the educational interests of the region and the economic growth of northeast Indiana. IPFW faculty and staff have been working in good faith with the parent institutions since the LSA study was released in January by providing information and data. The plan was designed to create a seamless experience for both IU and Purdue students on campus through course availability, the delivery of student services, and the use of campus facilities. 

What is the timeline for approvals and accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission?

Certain transactions require prior approval by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the university's accrediting body. A Change in Control, Structure, or Organization Application was submitted to HLC on June 30, 2017. The HLC visited the Fort Wayne campus in September 2017, and will vote on approval at their February 2018 meeting. A decision is expected in March 2018.


How will the realignment affect students?

Beginning with the fall 2018 semester, new students will be admitted into the separate IU and Purdue campuses and all tuition and financial aid will be handled by the respective universities. Degree-seeking students admitted prior to fall 2018 will be “grandfathered in,” receiving their degree from the university that currently operates the program. Students admitted in the fall 2017 semester—with the exception of those in health sciences programs—have until June 30, 2021, to receive their degree from the institution that currently offers their degree program. All students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor to ensure their successful completion of their program of choice, but it is especially important that health sciences students consult with their academic advisor and plan a pathway toward completion.

What’s the impact on student success?

The university stands by its commitment to student success and will work diligently to ensure a smooth and seamless transition for all current and future students. The university will continue to provide support to students to help ensure their academic success in their chosen course of study. 

What will happen to my degree program?

Any IU program that is not considered one of the health sciences (nursing, dental education, medical imaging) will be transferred to Purdue University. However, degree-seeking students enrolled prior to July 1, 2018, with the exception of those in health sciences programs, will have until June 30, 2021, to complete their degree and have it conferred by the institution that offered the degree prior to the realignment. If a student does not complete their degree by June 30, 2021, their degree will be conferred by the institution offering the degree after the realignment.

I’m admitted for fall 2018 or I’m interested in applying. How does this affect me?

Students admitted in the fall 2018 semester or who are interested in applying to Purdue Fort Wayne will be students of Purdue University Fort Wayne and earn a degree from Purdue University. More information is available at the Purdue University Fort Wayne website. Students admitted in the fall 2018 semester or who are interested in applying to Indiana University Fort Wayne will be students of Indiana University Fort Wayne and earn a degree from Indiana University. More information is available at the Indiana University Fort Wayne website. All current majors will be available to students.


How will this change/help campus?

The Presidents and Boards of Trustees for both universities believe that the realigned structure is in the best interest of each university and presents a clear, specific path toward improving the delivery of teaching and research services in northeast Indiana. This will allow both Purdue and IU to fully focus on each institution’s strengths and respective educational contributions. Purdue Fort Wayne will conduct an analysis of potential new programs in the STEAM disciplines and humanities that will attract new students and position the campus for a strong and successful future. The plan is designed to create a seamless experience for both Purdue and IU students on campus through course availability, the delivery of student services, and the use of campus facilities. 

What will happen to the IU programs on campus?

Any programs designated as IU mission areas under the current management agreement that will not become part of the IU health sciences-focused initiative will be transferred to Purdue. 

What will happen to the Purdue programs going to IU?

Only one current program will be transferring from Purdue to IU (nursing.) Dental education and radiography have historically been IU programs. 

Will the IU programs leave campus? How will this work for students?

Both universities will be located on the current Fort Wayne campus and will share building space. Under the ancillary agreements approved in June 2017, Purdue will offer and deliver, and IU will procure and pay Purdue for various services to IU, including but not limited to: general education classes; office, lab, classroom and other physical space; and administrative services needed for usage of such space.

How will this affect the faculty and staff?

All full-time and part-time faculty were offered employment by IU or Purdue as part of the agreement. The realignment plan and agreement addressed the transfer of faculty as some will move to IU and others will move to Purdue as part of the transfer of academic programs. Staff transfers were addressed in an ancillary agreement.

Additional Questions

Will we still be the Mastodons?

Yes. The Mastodon has been the campus mascot for many years and there are no plans to change it.

Why are the school colors changing?

The university contracted with SimpsonScarborough to conduct market research regarding the branding of the institution as it transitions to Purdue Fort Wayne. The research included collecting qualitative and quantitative data, conducting communications audits, and reviewing secondary data to provide a thorough understanding of our current brand. As a result of these findings and part of the rebranding efforts, the future Purdue University Fort Wayne school colors will be black and gold. While there are several factors that played into this decision, the findings of the market research are clear: the Purdue University brand is known for academic quality and is recognized as being a quality brand locally, nationally, and globally. As a result, the brand equity of Purdue will serve to enhance and elevate perceptions of Purdue Fort Wayne. Purdue Fort Wayne Brand Marketing Update

Will IU students be allowed to play for Mastodon athletics teams?

After review of applicable NCAA legislation by all involved, including Fort Wayne Athletics with assistance from NCAA staff, it has been determined that it’s not feasible for future students enrolled in the health sciences at the Indiana University Fort Wayne campus to compete for the Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons. The university will continue working to maintain the eligibility of current student-athletes actively pursuing degrees in the health science programs after the effective date of realignment.

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